Welcome to Ghasham International

Technology is a manifestation of explorative pursuit of humane, which scales the progress of civilizations. Ghasham is a mission companion of the development with a triumphant testimony of delivering cutting edge techno -device in the lower Gulf region. The simple move of Ghasham was started in 1997 Souq Al Najada, first name of Ghasham Trading, Doha, Qatar, and the dedicated drive of our visionary entrepreneurs resulted in wider ripples along with growing graph of Qatar. Today, we have a network of 32 retail outlets across Qatar and reached to the industrial domains of Dubai, and China. The diverse array of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and companion endeavors has brought Ghasham to the root versatility of both local market and ever growing global swiftness. The Group's continues investments in world-class systems technology are clear evidence of its commitments to maintain leading edge performance and service delivery.

By the middle of 2010, we step in to a new venture named Ghasham Marine Services, which is a stop solution for all the marine needs. We are one of the companies in state of Qatar, approved by Ministry of Interior for the supply of Pyrotechnics and Disposal of the same with the local authorities MOI. Ghasham Marine Services is authorized in the sales and services of all marine equipments. For more details, log onĀ  www.ghashammarine.com

Ghasham stands for the harmonious blending of the core values of integrity, service and social responsibility with the commercial strategies that defines our success culmination. We believe in synchronizing the individual creativity and team harmony to bring out a blissful work culture and a sense of belongingness.